AFSA Referendum Results

AFSA is pleased to announce the results for the referendum. With approximately 30% voter turnout the referendum has passed with over a 90% approval rating.
Do you approve the revised Constitution of the Accounting and Finance Endowment Fund?
Ballots Cast: 509
In favour: 91%
Do you approve that AFSA become recognized as a society by the Federation of Students?
Ballots Cast: 470 In favour: 92%
Do you approve that all (5) board of directors representatives will be selected through an election process?
Ballots Cast: 447 In favour: 90%

Stay tuned for next steps and we hope to keep striving for a better SAF community. We will update students as AFSA progresses through the next few steps of the process related to Questions 1 and 2 on the referendum. The results of Question 3 will be reflected in the AFSA Constitution effective 2015-2016 elections for the upcoming school year.

If you have any questions regarding technical details of the results please email the Chair of the our Board at