Each year the Accounting and Finance Student Association hosts various events and services for SAF students. The events range from dining etiquette to bomber nights to charity events. Below is a quick overview of the events and services hosted for the school year

Professional Development

Professional Photoshoot

Project Managers: vp.marketing@uwafsa.ca

Ever wanted a professional picture for your Linkedin or ePortfolio page? Impress employers with a professional picture of yourself when they search you. What’s more? You get to take the picture with our beautiful SAF building as your backdrop.


Professional Development Events

AFSA plans to organize a professional development event in the winter term for first-year students as an introduction to the business world and to prepare them for their first co-op job search.


E-mentorship: Coffee Connect

In today’s world, it’s not about what you know but who you know. Master the art of small talk, make a great first impression and stand out amongst the crowd. Find out more about email etiquette, how to project a professional image on social networking websites etc.


Tax Clinic

Project Managers: taxclinic@uwafsa.ca

In partnership with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), AFSA hosts a free tax clinic every March for individuals with low income such as students and people in the Kitchener-Waterloo community. You will get CRA training to file tax refunds and get the opportunity to help practice.

Social Events

AFSA Kick-Off Party

New school year, new classes, and even more memories to stir up in the SAF! Allow us to throw a kick off party to welcome all of our students back on campus, and introduce initiatives coming up for your school term.

Food + Socializing + Music + Networking = Stupendous Times.


Reach for the Stars

One of our favourite events from last year is revamped, and is even bigger this year. Get your team of 3 or 4 and compete in our trivial competition. Categories include Kitchener Waterloo trivia, pop culture, sports, and even spelling.

Lunch will be served, and we’ve prepared prizes. Some SWEET prizes. Get your trivia on.


3-on-3 Basketball Tournament

Is your team the next Big Three? Show off your basketball talents at AFSA’s classic 3-on-3 tournament which starts off round-robin style and moves onto single game elimination.


Bubble Tea/Talent Show

Our renowned talent shows has become instant successes because of our students’ amazingly entertaining talents. This time, we’ve introduced a panel of judges, and at the end of the night, one act is voted as The Best SAF Talent!

Don’t be shy; showcase your musical, comical, or just plain legendary talent on the stage. Booing not included.


SAF Grad Ball

To each beloved graduating class; we’re sad to see so many of you leave, but let’s celebrate the end of this chapter with a blast!

We’re talking about dining, dancing, recognizing, reminiscing, and of course, a little bit of crying.

An entire committee dedicated for SAF Grad Balling is most enthusiastic and hopeful for a great night for our grads. Bring your cameras; it’s going to be an unforgettable night.


Halloween Event

Halloween is coming up and AFSA is giving back with free food in the SAF Lounge. Make sure to drop by as this will also be an opportunity to network with your professors and get to know them outside of the classroom!


Upper Year Semi

It's that time of the year again! get out your fancy clothes for this year's upper year semi. Everything will be included as you enjoy your night and take tons of pictures.


Christmas/Exam distress

Christmas is just around the corner and what better way to ruin it than with exams. Come to our AFSA's Christmas Exam De-stress to eat fabulous food and welcome the holidays. You can forget all about exams for this one special day.