The Accounting & Finance Student Association represents over 1200 Accounting & Finance students at the University of Waterloo, spanning 4 undergraduate programs and 1 graduate program:

  • Accounting & Financial Management
  • Biotechnology & Chartered Accountancy
  • Computing & Financial Management
  • Mathematics & Chartered Accountancy
  • Master of Accounting

Waterloo Accounting & Finance students are valued by their employers as having the right mix of accounting AND finance. If your organization is looking to increase your name recognition within the Waterloo Accounting & Finance student community, working with AFSA is one of the best routes to guarantee and successful exposure.

AFSA’s emphasis is always on bringing added value to your firm. We try to integrate your organization with our events and services, regardless of whether you are providing financial sponsorship or sponsorship of some other kind (such as providing speakers, physical space to host events / services, or sponsoring prizes). We are also happy to accept general sponsorship of our entire organization, but we are careful with such sponsorship arrangements as we want to ensure that we provide maximal value back to your firm.

Sponsors get showcased on the website, which receives over 2300 unique visitors each week from all across Canada. You will also have the opportunity to reach our 2600 students using the UWAFSA Facebook page (, as well as spreading your message via the UWAFSA Instagram page (

The following events and services remain open to sponsorship:

  • Reach for the Stars
  • AFSA Technical Skills Workshop
  • AFSA Talent Show
  • Adopt-a-Co-op (on-going)
  • Tips for First Years
  • Accounting & Finance Industry Roundtable
  • AFSA Gives Back Charity Day
  • AFSA Tax Clinic
  • Business Etiquette Event
  • Dining Etiquette Event
  • 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament
  • Charity Fundraising Breakfast
  • Finance & Investment Industry Roundtable
  • Upper-Year Case Competition
  • Consulting, Entrepreneurship & Leadership Industry Roundtable

Please contact Jeremy Mai or Michael Daniel, Co-VPs External, at to explore ways your organization can partner with AFSA (financially or non-financially; both are equally important!).