AFSA BOD applications

The last AFSA BOD position for 2016-2017 will be determined through an application and interview process as per the AFSA constitution. The application is  https://goo.gl/d2YmnN and due Monday June 27, 2016 at 11:59PM.


All SAF (AFM, Math/CPA, Biotech/CPA, CFM) students who will be in 2A and above as of September 2016 are eligible to apply.


Monday June 27, 2016 11:59PM - Application deadline

Week of June 28-July 5 - Interviews with the current Board of Directors and Elections Committee

July 11 (tentative) - Result announced

If you have any questions, please email elections@uwafsa.ca

2016-17 By-election results

The AFSA Elections committee and the AFSA Executive 2014-2015 team would like to welcome and congratulate the successful candidates of the by-election! More details regarding the remaining AFSA BOD position will come next week.

AFSA Board of Directors :

Roland Fung  - 170 (57%)
Emily Piazza - 162 (54%)
Jay An- 137 (46%)
Total number of ballots cast - 299

AFEF Board of Directors 

Hamza Syed - 176
Shobith Raju- 126 
Joshua David - 49 
Total number of ballots cast - 358


AFSA By-election 2016

Missed out on the AFSA 2016-2017 election? Don't worry, there are still positions open on the AFSA BOD and AFEF BOD in the by-election! WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT POSITIONS I CAN RUN FOR?

There are 3 elected positions on the Board of Directors, and 3 elected positions on the AFEF Board. For a complete description of roles and responsibilities, refer to http://www.uwafsa.ca/executive-and-bod and https://uwaterloo.ca/school-of-accounting-and-finance/current-undergraduates/accounting-and-finance-endowment-fund-afef


Mon May 30th – Deadline to submit applications @midnight Tues May 31st – Candidates vetted and announced Wed June 1st – Campaigning begins Tues June 7th – Campaigning ends @midnight Wed June 8th – Voting begins Fri June 10th – Voting Ends @midnight Sat June 11th – Results announced


  1.  Anyone enrolled in the School of Accounting and Finance (AFM, Math-CPA, Bio-CPA, and CFM) for September 2016 in 2A and up are eligible to run! (Exception of alumni allowed for one AFSA Board seat).
  2. The elections process formally starts with the submission an application for the position you wish to run for (one position per person), the links for which can be found below.
  3. Once applications are approved by the elections committee (you will receive an email along with further rules and regulations), the campaign period begins. During the campaign period, candidates can promote their platform (online only) and SAF students can participate through the elections forum (http://safstudentvote.freeforums.net/).
  4. Once the campaign period ends, voting will begin. During this period, all SAF students (including MAcc) can vote (or abstain from voting, i.e. not vote for any candidate) for all positions as well as any referendums. The vote will be anonymous and held online (the link will be provided at a later date through uwafsa.ca and AFSA’s Facebook page).
  5. Subsequently, the votes will be tallied and the successful candidates will be contacted through email while the final results will be announced on www.uwafsa.ca.

Direct Link to the Executive Application Form:

AFSA BOD application: https://goo.gl/0AEBVp

AFEF BOD application: https://goo.gl/TVtDAr

 If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Elections Committee at elections@uwafsa.ca  

Results of the 2016-2017 AFSA & AFEF Elections!

The AFSA Elections committee and the AFSA Executive 2014-2015 team would like to welcome and congratulate the new AFSA & AFEF team for 2015-2016! By-elections for remaining seats on the AFSA and AFEF Board of Directors will start early next week - keep an eye out for more details coming soon.

AFSA Executive Team 


Joey Deng - 196
Yujie Zhang - 191
Balakumar Thevakumar - 78
Decline - 31
Affirmative vote - 39.5%

VP Finance

Derek Wang - 114
Michael Wong - 63
Gohulan Sivakumar - 79
Linda Lu - 88
Decline - 69
Affirmative vote - 27.6%

VP External

Ellie Wang - 244
Decline - 122
Affirmative vote - 66.7%

VP Education

Stanley Hu

Stanley Hu - 162
Marco Li - 80 Pavitheran Sritharan - 108

Decline - 65
Affirmative vote - 39.0%

VP Internal Services


Laura Fong - 205
James Wei - 118
Decline - 60
Affirmative vote - 53.5%

VP Communications

VP communications_ Jessica Yu
Jessica Yu - 256
Decline - 118
Affirmative vote - 68.4%

VP Marketing


Andrew Johnston - 193
Billy Han - 106
Decline - 78
Affirmative vote - 51.2%

VP Internal (Events)

Tony Liu - 158
Vanessa Yiu - 139
Decline - 79
Affirmative vote - 42.0%

VP Administration & Knowledge Management

Emily Huang - 182
Darren Chiu - 130
Decline - 88
Affirmative vote - 45.5%

VP Corporate

Adon Mathew - 97
Matthew Watson -73
Julia Podrebarac - 62
Enerstine Chen - 95
Decline - 73
Affirmative vote - 24.3%

Board of Directors

Zao Chen - 260 (64.4%)
Total number of ballots cast - 404
Nelson Lee - 228 (56.4%)
Total number of ballots cast - 404
Allen Wang - 234 (57.9%)
Total number of ballots cast - 404
Kevin Ding - 191 (47.3%)
Total number of ballots cast - 404
Andres Perez-Vilarino - 196 (48.5%)
Total number of ballots cast - 404

AFEF Board of Directors

Ganatheepan Ganeshalingam - 254 (67.9%)
Total number of ballots cast - 374

Voting now open!

The 2016-2017 AFSA & AFEF elections are now open for student voting! If you are a student in 2A or above as of Fall 2016, or a current MAcc student, you are eligible to vote!

Don't know who to vote for? It's not too late to get informed! See candidate profiles & answers here and view their answers to other students' questions on the forum here (forum registration is still open - use your UWaterloo email to register).

After making an informed decision, caste your votes here . Use your WatIAM user name and password to log on! Voting period is Tues May 17 at 8am to Thurs May 19 at 11:59pm.