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Accounting and Finance Endowment Fund (AFEF)


supports students, faculty, and staff endeavours that complement the student experience in the School of Accounting and Finance (SAF). The objective of the Accounting and Finance Endowment Fund (AFEF) is to better prepare students to face the challenges and responsibilities that they will encounter in their professional careers and to provide improvements in the quality and diversity of students’ educational experiences. For the 2018/19 operating year, AFEF can approve up to $80,000 in funding for proposals promoting educational initiatives for SAF students.

Accounting and Finance Orientation Week (AFOW)

is the beginning to your career as a student in the SAF here at the University of Waterloo. The University of Waterloo’s annual Accounting and Finance Orientation Week (AFOW) welcomes some of the brightest first year students across Canada to the School of Accounting and Finance (SAF). Throughout the week, students actively engage in exciting events, where they have the opportunity to learn more about the accounting and finance community. AFOW 2019 will be welcome the incoming SAF Class of 2024 with events running from September 15th, 2015 to September 20th, 2019. Website: http://www.afow.ca/ Email: info@afow.ca

ACE Consulting Group

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services start-up companies in the K-W area in the accounting and financial aspects of their operations. In the past two years, they have been involved with over 30+ start-ups, most which have their roots in Velocity and Communitech. From pro forma financial statements to market research, from bookkeeping to cost analysis, from budgeting to much more – ACE continuously grows the span of services to bring value to clients through quality deliverables. ACE empowers its team with constant professional development of technical knowledge and transferable skills, and seeks to help their community through the ACE Charity Fund. They strive to positively impact their clients, our community, and their team. Website here, Email: info@aceconsultinggroup.ca

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University of Waterloo DECA (UW DECA)

Chapter is an organization which facilitates students with strong business acumen while igniting interest in business by competing in case competitions. As the host of the annual University of Waterloo DECA Spring Invitational, which invites students all across Ontario to compete in innovative case studies and learn from experience in networking and professional workshops. The next annual UWDECA Spring Invitational will be held in early March. Website: http://www.uwdeca.com/ Email: admin@uwdeca.com

Waterloo Business Review (WBR)


is a student-run initiative preparing students for the future economy by providing insights into business strategy and innovation. Written by students from disciplines including economics, legal science, accounting, finance, and political science, WBR sheds light on notable events, and corporate affairs. Their ultimate ultimate aim is to equip their readers with the business acumen necessary to thrive in a transforming professional environment. Waterloo Business Review empowers its team through their emphasis on creative freedom, professional development of research and communication skills, and their culture of entrepreneurship and growth as they nurture members to adopt positions of greater responsibility and leadership. Website: http://www.waterloobusinessreview.com/ Email: waterloobusinessreview@gmail.com

UW Finance Association (UWFA)

is a University of Waterloo Feds Club dedicated to providing an environment which encourages and enhances student interest in the financial industry.UW Finance Association was formed in May 2011 as the continuation of two established finance clubs, WIREX and UW Capital Markets Group. UWFA aims to incorporate many of the career and investment focused events and services of both the founding clubs, while continuously growing to provide a wide financial resource base for its members.Website: http://uwfinance.ca/ Email: uwfa@uwfinance.ca

University of Waterloo Accounting Conference (UWAC)

promotes the accounting profession and provides students with invaluable experiences that would provide them with the knowledge and understanding of the accounting profession. Our delegates will also be able to experience real-life case challenges, engaging workshops, stimulating and relevant speakers, as well as opportunities to build connections with industry professionals and other students.Website: http://www.uwac.ca/ Email: info@uwac.ca


UW Management Consulting Club (UWMCC)

Our primary purpose is to make UW an active recruiting ground for Management Consulting Firms. We believe that UW students hold the talent and drive to succeed in the consulting industry; however, most students are either unaware of opportunities in the industry or lack the interest in pursuing said opportunities.Website: http://uwmcc.uwaterloo.ca/ Email: uwmcc.team@gmail.com

FEDS Food Bank

provides low income individuals with free groceries in times of need. The Food Bank is also the home of Meal Exchange, a program that gets students involved in unique projects to raise awareness of hunger and to raise food for needy groups in the local area.Website: http://www.feds.ca/foodbank/ Email: foodbank@feds.ca

Students Offering Support (SOS)

is a national network of student volunteers working together to raise funds to raise the quality of education and life for those in developing nations through raising marks of our fellow University students. This is accomplished through our Exam-AID initiative where student volunteers run group review sessions prior to a midterm or final exam for a $20 donation.All of the money raised through SOS Exam-AIDs is funnelled directly into sustainable educational projects in developing nations. Not only does SOS fund these projects, but SOS volunteers help build the projects on annual volunteer trips coordinated by each University chapter.Website: http://waterloo.soscampus.com/ Email: info@studentsofferingsupport.ca