Oliver Wyman Fall Reception & Full-time application Details

Fall Reception

Monday, September 12th, 7:30pm, University of Waterloo Campus

The Oliver Wyman Fall Reception at University of Waterloo is an invite-only opportunity to network with our consultants to learn more about Oliver Wyman and the work we do. We encourage all students who are interested in full-time opportunities to apply for the Fall Reception.

To apply for the Oliver Wyman Fall Reception, please submit your resume to with the subject: “University of Waterloo Fall Reception” by Thursday, September 1st.

Meet our consultants

Full-Time Application Details and Deadlines

Deadline: Monday, September 12th at 11:59

The Class of 2017 is invited to apply for the Entry-Level Consultant role at Oliver Wyman. Please apply to BOTH University of Waterloo’s JobMine and also create an account and submit your resume, cover letter, and transcript You should be applying to the Entry-Level Consultant role to the office location of your first choice. Attendance to the Fall Reception is not a mandatory pre-requisite to apply for a full-time role.

First Round Interviews: Friday, September 23rd, All Day, University of Waterloo Campus.

After the screening process, candidates are invited to first round interviews that will be held on campus.

Final Round Interviews: Friday, September 30th, All Day, Oliver Wyman Toronto Office

Candidates who are successful in the first round interviews are invited to final round interviews at the Oliver Wyman offices in Toronto. 

We look forward to meeting you soon and please reach out if you have any questions.

Best, Caitlin Campus Recruiter

Women in Business Scholarship

The Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship is a major scholarship opportunity for both undergraduate and graduate female students in business. This scholarship is eligible for women pursuing a business or business-related program who demonstrate outstanding potential in the field. Particularly, the awards committee is looking for female students with an outstanding academic record and have demonstrated initiative, ambition and commitment to pursuing a career in business. In the past years, there have been not just one, but three winners, as the SAF is proud to say that a few years ago a former SAF student, Nina Zhang, won this award at an international level.  Furthermore, the honor came back to a student in the SAF when Aidan Kay (Math/CPA) recently won in 2015 and Catherine Zheng (Math/CA and MAcc 2013), who won previously in 2013.  “Waterloo students have a history of winning this award" - Prof. Sproule

Please note the importance of staying within the word count on your application paragraphs or eligibility issues could arise. It is important to send the application to the email address indicated on the application.

Deadline: March 20, 2016

For more information (application email, word count, deadline), contact Lynn Graham -

AFSA Goes for Gold takes home first gold at BUAC 2014!


With the launch of the AFSA Goes for Gold program this past Spring, much was uncertain, as is always will be, with the launch of a new student run initiative. The program's goal, post-levy implementation, will be to send over 150 students to over 30 conferences Canada, and worldwide. Pre-levy implementation, the goal of the inaugural rendition of the AFSA Goes for Gold conference program will to send over 15 team to 12 conferences across Canada. The end goal, in addition to the the large number of students attending a wide variety of conferences, will be to amass a development and mentorship program that rivals programs like John Molson's Competition Committee (JMCC) and offer students great International opportunities like participation in the Network of International Business Schools' Worldwide Case Competition that rivals programs like the Sprott Competes program.

That being said, the new program sent two Senior Division teams to compete at the Brock University Accounting Conference. Both teams, being shorthanded, still did extremely well! Senior Team 8, composed of Abhishek Deswal, 4A AFM, Edbert Oey, 3A AFM, and Zac Hogg, 5B AFM, made it to the competition's final round. In the final round, the 3 senior AFM students showed off their integration of case based accounting and assurance (audit) knowledge to wow the judges and the delegates in the audience, and took home the spoils, finishing first place overall. It marked the first time in 5 years that an Accounting and Finance student led team from the University of Waterloo won the Senior Division accounting competition at BUAC - the last time being in the Conference's first year, 2009. JMSB's top team finished second, while Guelph's top team finished with third place honours.

Congrats to our winning team and our other great team of students who represented the new program so well at BUAC!

And yes, there is still an opportunity to apply and be eligible for the Goes for Gold program. AFSA is currently taking applications [see below].

BUAC Senior Team 8 Victory Picture

Students are welcome to apply for our second application round to be a part of the AFSA Goes for Gold conference program!

Deadline to apply is December 10th, 11:59PM.

Students already accepted into the program from our early bird and first round application stages need not apply.

Students can find an updated application form here.

Open letter to students:

On November 20th, 2014, Imprint published the article “AFSA not going anywhere anytime soon” which focused on Accounting and Finance Student Association (AFSA) “face[ing] obstacles in being recognized as a Feds Society”. As Imprint phrased, “an alternate solution” to becoming a society was to institute a levy on the students. Imprint’s claims are false and misinformed. AFSA’s intentions to become a student society were simply a byproduct of the levy. As AFSA noted to all members and students, the main goal of the referendum was to introduce the concept of a levy. AFSA was under the impression by UW Finance that being a society was mandatory to facilitate fee collections. By working closely with Federation of Students (FEDs), School of Accounting and Finance (SAF), and Arts Student Union (ASU), AFSA uncovered unique alternatives to the collection process that would allow AFSA to bypass society status complications. Naturally, AFSA chose to pursue these alternatives to accomplish the same end result (the levy) as it would be much faster and more efficient.

We would like to re-enforce that AFSA, ASU and FEDs have a strong collaborative relationship. All groups have been working together over for the past few months to ensure that the levy will be successful and that SAF students have the resources they need to compete with other schools as well as have better control over their $50 contribution.

AFSA and ASU have been working together to get the levy closer to approval. In fact, on November 12th, representatives from AFSA presented the levy to the bi-weekly Arts Council meeting, which was then approved. ASU has been in support of the levy and agrees that AFSA and our students in SAF would benefit from a levy structure.

ASU understands that although SAF is not a business school, it still competes directly with other prestigious business schools across Canada. The quotes from the Imprint article were taken out of context and phrased in a way that implied ASU was discrediting SAF’s status and competitiveness. ASU wants to help AFSA become more competitive and have access to a levy.

Furthermore, the article states that Dylan Ball, ASU President, is looking to eliminate the Accounting & Finance Orientation Week (AFOW). This is also completely inaccurate. Our students in SAF will still participate in Arts Orientation Week, which occurs the week before lectures begin, as well as the Accounting & Finance Orientation Week (AFOW) which happens during the first week of lectures. There was no intention of eliminating AFOW to begin with.

We hope this clarifies any issues or concerns over the Imprint article that was published.

If you have any concerns, please feel free to email any of us noted below.

Warm regards, Dylan Ball (ASU President) – Gerry Zhan (AFSA President) – Maaz I. Yasin (FEDs VP Internal) – Koren Leung (ASU VP Finance) – Michael Yang (AFSA Board of Directors) –

AFSA Referendum Results

AFSA is pleased to announce the results for the referendum. With approximately 30% voter turnout the referendum has passed with over a 90% approval rating.
Do you approve the revised Constitution of the Accounting and Finance Endowment Fund?
Ballots Cast: 509
In favour: 91%
Do you approve that AFSA become recognized as a society by the Federation of Students?
Ballots Cast: 470 In favour: 92%
Do you approve that all (5) board of directors representatives will be selected through an election process?
Ballots Cast: 447 In favour: 90%

Stay tuned for next steps and we hope to keep striving for a better SAF community. We will update students as AFSA progresses through the next few steps of the process related to Questions 1 and 2 on the referendum. The results of Question 3 will be reflected in the AFSA Constitution effective 2015-2016 elections for the upcoming school year.

If you have any questions regarding technical details of the results please email the Chair of the our Board at

AFSA Community Leadership Awards, 2013-2014 Academic Year


SAF Students, it is with great honour and privilege that we announce the winners of the 2013-2014 Academic Year's AFSA Community Leadership Award winners! We considered nominations for the following categories:

- SAF Community Specific Contributions

- Contributions to a Worthwhile Endeavour Outside the University Community

- Service to the Greater University Community


Ben Ma, 2A /2B AFM

Ben was awarded the SAF Specific Contributions category for his work with the Textbook Exchange program run in the current year and previous two academic terms and for other miscellaneous goodwill provided to the student community with midterm and exam aid initiatives. Ben was nominated for a host of other activities as well. Great work Ben!



Anson Lee, 3A/3B Biotech/CPA

Anson's nomination was a result of his hard-work and dedication to many different organizations on campus, but Anson has been awarded the Worthwhile Endeavour Outside the University category for your work with the IB Alumni Advisory Council of the Americas and your work on that council as Vice-Chair. Great work Anson!



Jean Wu, 2A/2B AFM

Jean was been awarded the Service to the Greater University category for her work with ACE Consulting Group and the positive contributions the organization has made on many University of Waterloo students and Kitchener-Waterloo community members! Great work Jean!

Jean Wu

Our winners will be invited to the SAF Awards Dinner in November where they will all be presented their awards by previous (and current) Chair of the Board, Michael Yang. Our award winners will also have their names engraved in our plaque in the SAF Lounge and will be awarded an additional miscellaneous prize in honour of their achievements. Hats off to all our great students leaders within the SAF and their contributions this past academic year and best of luck to everyone in their future endeavours.

AFSA Referendum Update and FAQ


Wednesday at NOON, voting for the AFSA Referendum starts. Voting will continue until the evening of October 23rd.

VOTE at Vote and decide where your money goes towards.

For more details on the referendum, please read the FAQ approved by AFSA & the School of Accounting & Finance:

For more details on the proposed AFEF Constitution: