SAF Study Abroad Opportunity

Hey SAF, are you interested in exploring the UK?Well look no further because on Aug19-27 2017 you could be eligible to attend the SAF international study trip.

For two weeks, you will be able to meet with major Finance and accounting top executives in London UK. It will be a collaborative trip filled with meetings, discussion and networking opportunities.

Be sure to attend our Information session on Monday Nov 7th at HH 1108, 5:30PM to learn more about this amazing opportunity!

Application: SAF International Study Trip Application


Is accommodation and food provided (included in cost)? 

We have estimated the total costs (flights, accommodation and food) to be about $5,000. The actual costs will depend on our ability to find low airfares, possible University based accommodation etc. and the selected students will be involved in the choices and therefore the costs. We are also continuing to look for possible funding sources to support the costs but student should anticipate they will have to pay close to the estimated amount.

Where is the study trip to? Which days?  

The first pilot course will go to London, UK and the planned dates are Aug 19 to 27, 2017

How many students are selected? 

The plan is to restrict the pilot course to 12 students. The number is restricted by the ability of firms to have on-site facilities for meetings with larger numbers of students

What is the application process? 

An application form will be made available through LEARN. The applications will be evaluated by SAF staff, Steve Balaban and D’Arcy Delamere

Do we get a credit for the study trip?

This is a for-credit pilot course under the code AFM415 (i.e. equivalent to any one term course)

Additional information: Preliminary Plans for Initial SAF International Study Trip – AFM 415