Fall 2016 AFSA Committee Applications!

The AFSA Committee Applications are out! Get involved in SAF and come join the AFSA family! You may apply to a MAXIMUM of 3 committees of your choice and Presidents special committee.

Fill out the respective forms for the committee you are applying to. Please include all attachments that are required as well.

Admin & KM: https://afsa.typeform.com/to/XoQuqR Internal Events: https://afsa.typeform.com/to/BSO27y Internal Services: https://afsa.typeform.com/to/zp6zbl Finance: https://afsa.typeform.com/to/ixXjtv Marketing: https://afsa.typeform.com/to/YOB4rb Corporate Relations: https://afsa.typeform.com/to/DHlpdK External: https://afsa.typeform.com/to/s1eRzD President's Special Projects: https://afsa.typeform.com/to/qOJ3Pe Education: https://afsa.typeform.com/to/G1IOYu Communications: https://afsa.typeform.com/to/tRQiPI

Applications close September 18th,2016 at NOON!