Szwina Yip


Position you are running for: AFEF Board of Directors

How do you feel AFEF can benefit from you on the BoD?

  1. My year of service with AFSA Internal Services has allowed me to fully understand the effects of being on the receiving end of the endowment fund. I know the logistics of operating and managing a committee, the amount of funding required to execute certain events, and the pressures of financial struggles. 
  2. Whilst on AFSA, I personally created an AFEF proposal myself and pitched to the Board in person. I know exactly what it feels like to be on the side asking for funding and the components required in the pitch itself. 
  3. While I served as Student Council President in High School, I had the opportunity to manage a formal budget. I have gone through the exact same task of listening to proposals and approving appropriate funding and have the organizational skills to manage a healthy budget. 
  4. My commitment to helping the student body can be shown through my volunteerism and dedication in IS towards providing educational services. AFEF will benefit with me on the Board because of my genuine intent to help SAF students. 

What current or future initiatives would you prioritize AFEF funding for?

AFEF’s purpose is to provide funds to areas that better prepare students to face challenges and to improve the quality of educational experiences. I believe that funding should be allocated to clubs and committees that have events to serve the objective. Areas for funding listed below but are not limited to:
AFOW, UWAC, HEDGE, ACE, AFSA Education, AFSA External, AFSA Internal Services, and various other new initiatives from students in any program within SAF. 
This is because the above clubs/committees having proven that their events (orientation, conferences, workshops, review sessions, competitions, tax clinic, e-mentorship, etc.) have been beneficial for the development of SAF students. 

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If elected on the AFEF BoD, I will work towards: 

  1. Transparency. What are we paying $20 for each term? In what way does AFEF funding benefit us SAF students? A transparent budget to show exactly where money is being allocated and how it benefits us. 
  2. Timeliness. It is incredibly inefficient for a committee to propose for funding for an event that has already transpired. If elected, I will work towards adjusting the timeline of AFEF proposals in a reasonable way where students may pitch for required financial aid prior to the occurrence of the event. This way, students who wish to start a new club / committee have the opportunity to begin operations without fear of having to pay out of their own pockets. 
  3. Opportunity. AFEF funding is not limited to only currently established clubs and committees. I encourage people to pitch to AFEF for any new and innovative initiatives that will help the student body.
  4. Reach. Funding should be allocated fairly and appropriately to events that help students in various years and various programs. Math, Biotech and CFM students, albeit having a second endowment fund, are welcome to pitch to AFEF for funding as well.