Robbie Jones


Position you are running for: AFEF Board of Directors

How do you feel AFEF can benefit from you on the BoD?

Throughout my tenure here at the School of Accounting and Finance, I have been involved in organizations who look to AFEF for funding and sponsorship. As such, I have seen first hand the entire AFEF funding process including the applications, presentations to the AFEF Board of Directors, and the follow up with AFEF to share the success of the initiative that they funded. My participation in this process has given me the opportunity to offer the Board of Directors with an in-depth understanding of and appreciation for the work that they do. My experience also allows me to have insight into the potential for improvement and higher efficiency of the Board and its operations. Finally, having been extensively involved in the SAF community and with SAF student organizations, I am acutely aware of the funding problems that plague not only SAF clubs, but event planners, organizations, and the student body at large.

What current or future initiatives would you prioritize AFEF funding for?

All current organizations and initiatives that receive funding from AFEF would continue to receive funding given that they maintain the value that they provide to SAF students. These initiatives include a wide array of conferences, case competitions, and other event-related proposals. 

In regard to future funding, I believe that AFEF has the unique ability to be able to direct funding toward initiatives that promote the School of Accounting and Finance’s reputation both within the University of Waterloo and abroad. This is an important future priority for me since our talented students should be given more opportunities to succeed at competitions and events. Making funding available for students to attend case competitions, informative events, and networking sessions benefits not only the students who were given the chance to compete and participate, but also every student in the wider SAF community because of the increased program awareness and enhanced reputation. This will garner positive publicity amongst employers and present more opportunities to our students.

Place your platform for your position here:

I believe that the Accounting and Finance Endowment Fund wields important authority over the future of the School of Accounting and Finance. I know this from 3 years of experience working on AFEF funding proposals, designing several pitch presentations for that funding, and being given the opportunity to use acquired funds for club and event purposes. Working closely with AFEF over the years has truly allowed me to understand and share in their mission. If elected, I would wish to continue this mission while striving to expand the impact of each dollar that AFEF disburses. 

I believe that my involvement with and experience running SAF organizations provides me several key attributes that are important for the role of an AFEF Director. First, I have the teamwork capabilities necessary to work with the rest of the AFEF Board, faculty members, and ex-officio members as well. Funding decisions are an especially sensitive subject, so it is important to take everyone’s priorities and goals into consideration. Second, I have an adept understanding of how important funding is for SAF clubs and have advanced knowledge around how to assess the accuracy and truthfulness of proposals pitched to the AFEF Board. The role of an AFEF Director is to represent the interests of every single SAF student; first, second, third, and fourth years. Thus, it is crucial that members of the Board are able to evaluate the direct benefits that proposals would offer the students of SAF and make their funding decisions accordingly. Finally, through my extra curricular involvement I have a heightened appreciation and respect for organizations like AFEF. I understand that although sometimes they are not well regarded by the public or even known about, they still serve an extremely important and valuable duty to SAF and SAF students.

In terms of what I would like to see changed with AFEF, my goals boil down to making AFEF serve you, the students of SAF, better. First and foremost, I believe that AFEF should focus more on marketing the opportunity that the Fund offers beyond the traditional SAF Clubs. There are countless organizations and initiatives beyond the borders of the School of Accounting and Finance that our students participate in. Also, an objective of a greater marketing effort would be to increase the number of pitches that AFEF hears from professor-led initiatives that enhance educational and research opportunities. Second, I would require that AFEF match its counterparts from the Math and Engineering faculties and release a full listing of the initiatives that it has funded each term and in what amounts. This promise has been thrown around emptily in elections past, but you can rest assured that I would pursue this to its fullest. I believe that is important to have transparency so that people are aware of where their money is spent, and aware of how much each organization is receiving. 

In any case, please remember to vote and I sincerely hope that I can count on your support on May 28th-30th.