Wall Street Prep: Financial Modelling Self-Study Programs

AFSA is now making Wall Street Prep available to students in 2A and above interested in finance for a nominal charge of $5. Wall Street Prep is a global investment banking training firm specializing in financial modelling self-study programs as well as e-learning modelling training. Students will be able to learn how to build financial and valuation models in Excel from scratch with step by step instructions that reinforce theoretical intuition. For more info: http://www.wallstreetprep.com/programs/It will cover the following modules:

DCF Modeling LBO Modeling M&A (Accreition/Dilution) Modeling Trading & Transaction Comps Modeling Accounting and FSA Excel Navigating Financial Reports Financial Statement Modeling

As well as Interview Prep: “Acting the Technical Finance Interview” “Acting the Behavioural Finance Interview”

AFSA hopes these online courses will better prepare students for the demands of investment banking and corporate finance positions. Pre-reg here: https://wallstreetprep.typeform.com/to/xLtyqJ