The CEO Factory is definitely one of the UWMCC's (University of Waterloo Management Consulting Club) most anticipated events. With the main recruiting season coming up, this event will bring together both students and the industry’s leading management consulting firms. The event will consist of both a panel discussion and a networking session. Students will be able to gain insight into a career in Management Consulting and a chance to expand their professional networking while also allowing firms to learn more about the skills and ideas Waterloo students can offer.

Applicants must complete the following form, http://tinyurl.com/UWMCCceoand also email their resume to uwmcc.team@gmail.com, in CEO_FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME.pdf format to reserve a spot. The application deadline is July 10th, 2015, at 11:59pm.

Everyone is welcome to join!

Please RSVP here on Facebook!