SAF City Presents "Hit The Lights"

Register now before upper year semi spots run out. Preregistration:

Hit the Lights - Upper Year Semi Formal. Details: Bingemans. 150 Tickets. First Come. First Serve. 19+ Each ticket comes with a SAF City t-shirt shown below, a glow stick and a wristband.

2 Experiences.

PART 1: Semi Formal. Food. Violinists. Casino. Polaroid Photobooth. Voting for SAF Oscars. The Academy presents SAF Oscars for 3 PHOTO CATEGORIES. -“Photobomb Moments” -“Romantic/PDA Moments” –“LOOOL Moments” You may nominate as many of your friends as you can for any of the three categories. Please email the photos to with following format named for each photo: “Nominee(s) – “Category”.

There will be complimentary coat check for you to get ready for part 2.

PART 2: Blacklight-equipped ballroom. LED & Strobe lights. Professional DJ from Flashpoint Productions. 6 customized / glow in the dark beverages (please see shirt) Equipped with glow-in the dark markers & paint DESIGN your t-shirts.

Tickets will begin selling on this Wednesday Nov 6th in SAF Lounge OR Online through Eventbrite. *If you paid in cash and bring 2 friends to sign up with you, all three of you will be entered in a raffle to win $100 Futureshop gift card*

If you PRE-REGISTER before Wednesday, your spot is guaranteed but payment must be submitted before Friday Nov 8th or you will lose your spot.