Queens Marketing Association Conference

It's back. Once a year, some of the greatest minds in marketing come together for a weekend of brands, competition, and orange. Lots of orange. As the largest student-run marketing conference in Canada, we attract some of the most intelligent, motivated, and innovative students from schools scattered across the country. With 29 years of experience driving us, we've upped our game this year by overhauling our inaugural challenge, signing some of the biggest speakers in the industry, as well as preparing some of the craziest events and competitions we've ever thrown.

We could drop names, like the CMO of the Canadian Olympic Committee, or the Chief Brand & Marketing Officer for Tim Horton’s - or you could fill out the delegate app, and come experience it all for yourself. Applications are out now, and you can get more information from your school's Campus Ambassador - don't hesitate to ask us anything. Apps will have a hard deadline of October 23, procrastination is not recommended!

Although we may go to different schools, you are all more than welcome to join our clique. Marketing supersedes the differences between schools, so let's start a discussion. Join us this January for the next movement in marketing: QMAC - Rewriting The Brand Experience. See you soon!

External applications are released on October 9th, with a deadline on October 23rd.

Questions can be directed to:

Irene Tang, UW Campus Ambassador: irene.tang@qmac.ca, or

Nicholas Rogers, Delegates Coordinator: nicholas.rogers@qmac.ca


What are you waiting for? Register TODAY!