Queen's Commerce Corporate Challenge


As a member of the School of Accounting and Finance at the University of Waterloo, you are invited to attend what will undoubtedly be an interactive and intimate weekend of exciting and challenging Q3Cases! Get ready to hear from the top minds in consulting today, network with representatives from leading employers in the country, and meet students from all across Canada that share YOUR passion. Q3C is an interactive case competition that strives to create the most realistic business world simulation that current case competitions offer. To achieve this goal, Q3C challenges traditional conventions of case competitions and looks to constantly innovate. Each year provides a new opportunity for Q3C to come closer to simulating reality as all aspects of the competition are scrutinized for new avenues of improvement.

Q3C challenges traditional conventions and seeks to constantly innovate by simulating the business world in a competitive team environment. This competition, held January 9-11, 2014 at Queen’s School of Business, remains unprecedented in its boldness and unpredictability; Q3C is infamous for tossing twists into its already-thrilling cases to ensure that you are creative outside of the proverbial box and constantly on the tips of your toes. Each challenge – or Q3Curveball – will certainly help you develop valuable skills and will teach you to think quickly on your feet!

Through past partnerships with renowned global consulting firms such as Bain & Co., Monitor-Deloitte, and Boston Consulting Group, Q3C has inspired innovation by providing experiences at both student and professional levels. The delegates who attend this challenge are provided with the exclusive opportunity to learn from highly sought-after management philosophies, advanced corporate cultures, and practical business problems. The Q3C executive team has worked diligently to produce Canada’s largest and most extensive consulting case competition and an unforgettable weekend full of exciting twists.

Website: http://www.q3c.ca/

Deadline: December 6th, 2013

Application Download: Q3C - External Delegate Application