PASS Live On-line Information Session

Hi Everyone: As many of you already know, we are running a live on-line information session this Thursday night, 7:00 - 9:00pm, to inform students about (1) fast tracking - writing the CKE in May, SOA in June and UFE in Sept, 2014 and (2) the new CPA system - beginning in Sept. 2014.  (Please note that there will be no in-class session, only the Thursday live on-line session).

If you have already had the information session at your university, you have already had the above session and there is no need to participate a second time.  Also, if you are from Atkinson, we will be doing information sessions at the university, so there is no need to attend next week.

Please see below for instructions for the on-line session as well as see the attached instructions.


LIVE ONLINE SESSION - THURSDAY JAN. 16, 2014 - 7:00PM - 9:00PM Instructions how to access the live online sessions are attached.  Please keep these instructions for any upcoming sessions as they will be necessary to follow to get into the live online sessions.

There will be no e-mail sent before an online session, so please keep the attached schedule handy and refer to it, to see when the next session is coming up.

The password to use for entering the online session is 7777.

Materials for the Session

We are attaching a 1 page document, Module Dates Chart, which you should print off as we will be referring to it in the session.

Please also go to, home page, prior to the session and download the presentation that will be used in the session.

In order to download, go to the home page (right side, under "University Student Information Session" click on "Live Online: Jan. 16" and then scroll down a bit and in the "Information Session" box, download the "University Students - Information Session - 2014"). VIDEOS

For students who will be watching the taped video: The live online session is being taped and will be uploaded to the PASS website,, approximately 3 days after the live online session is held.  (It is possible that the videos will be uploaded earlier and you can always check the web site after the online session is held to see if the video is there).

PASS Instructions for Online Sessions - All Sessions

Module Dates Chart