*PARTICIPATE* SAF Academic Feedback Form - A Chance to Voice Your Concerns!

AFSA is heavily concerned about the value the school provides for our students. We would like every student in SAF from 1st year CFMs to 4B Biotech/CAs to fill this form out in response to changes happening at our school. The market is changing, the CPA merger drastically reduces value-add in this program and the shrinking professional services industry will continue to chip away at our once dominant position in the industry. If you have ever had any concerns about the program now is the time to voice them. We need to hear from you to help us take the next best steps in the interest of all students. All information submitted will be anonymous and may be presented to the administration of this school. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/122FJdTibYTEjB95KSiW_IcrFOeeQAFeJ6ubB85YV0V8/viewform