Live Competition 2015 Opportunity


LIVE, Leading Innovative Visions to Executions is a national multidisciplinary undergraduate business competition hosted by the University of Toronto Scarborough. They are currently looking for a team of enthusiastic individuals to become part of our team as one of their Campus Brand Managers (CBM) for LIVE Competition 2015 and would like to invite students from Waterloo.

The LIVE CBM Program is the recruitment of LIVE’s external team that will represent LIVE and promote LIVE Competition at their respective universities. LIVE CBMs will be the voice of LIVE Competition through personal selling and effective marketing campaigns. Their ultimate goal is to successfully register their peers from his/her respective university and compete in LIVE Competition 2015.

Each interested candidate will apply to become a CBM through an application process and undergo an interview. The deadline to apply is Sunday May 24th, 2015 at 11:59pm. A downloadable information package and the application can be found at .

More Information: Video about CBM: Facebook Event: