JDCC Waterloo: JDCC 2015 Team

Where the best of the best, become the best of the best. JDC Central, Canada's largest undergraduate business games hits centre stage this upcoming January, being hosted in Downtown Toronto by the Canadian Association of Business Students. JDCC Waterloo has qualified again for its second consecutive appearance, another great opportunity for business students at uWaterloo to not only get involved and compete, but to also represent their school on a national level.

JDCC Waterloo has just launched their new website and delegate applications. Currently, applications are open for Academics, Sports, Debate, and Social. Applications will be due July 11th at 11:59PM.

Academics: Accounting, Finance, Business Strategy, Management Information Systems, International Business, and Entrepreneurship (Marketing and Human Resources Management to come this Fall)

Debate: Canadian Parliamentary style (3 speakers and 1 note taker)

Sports: The sports featured at JDCC 2015 will be Planetball and Basketball!!

Please check out the JDCC Waterloo website for even more information on how to get involved in JDCC 2015 with the JDCC Waterloo delegation!!