Innovation & Entrepreneurship - Hear from SAF Alumnus, Margarita Cargher

Are you a SAF student who’s innovative and entrepreneurial and wondering what’s next? Are you seeking excitement and want to learn what it takes to become an entrepreneur? Come to this workshop to hear from a young alumnus, Margarita Cargher about how she got her start. Sign up now:

Margarita discovered her first entrepreneurial sense when she was 10, selling Bead bracelets made by her friend. During her last undergraduate semester, Margarita won a financial services tender over, and has been running her own consulting practice since then. Margarita is a graduate of AFM and Macc programs from the School of Accounting and Finance at UW. Since graduation, she developed and sold her first initiative, PartnerConnection, through her Crystal Owl Consulting business, turned a $500 thousand investment proposal into a $3 million contract, and used all possible tax credits to hire co-op students just months after graduating. Now, she primarily works with Bay Street investment banking clients developing business plans and financial models, as well as providing management consulting services to SMEs that are expanding into new marks.

Margarita was also featured on Roger’s TV on Gila Martow, MPP show Trending York Region where she advocated the importance of developing programs for young entrepreneurs.