hEDGE 2014 BMO Kick-Off Registration Now Open!

To jump start hEDGE 2014, BMO Capital Markets will be hosting hEDGE 2014’s conference kickoff at its Toronto head office. 
hEDGE will be taking this opportunity to introduce all that hEDGE 2014 has in store for its delegates, while BMO will be taking this opportunity to screen and recruit for their full-time/co-op/summer positions through the resumes that attendees submit and the face-to-face interactions in the networking session. 
BMO strongly encourages attendees to bring a paper copy of their resume to the kick-off as well. 
Don’t miss this chance to learn about hEDGE 2014, hear from BMO’s keynote, and network with BMO’s professionals!
Please visit http://hedgeconference.ca/kickoff/ to apply. We look forward to reading your application!