Gathering of Accounting Associates, Professionals, and Students (GAAPS)


The Gathering of Accounting Associates, Professionals, and Students (commonly referred to as GAAPS) is a two-day case competition that brings together accounting students and professionals from across Canada. This event, now in its 13th year, will also include a luncheon, a wine and cheese event, and a Gala dinner, for all those attending. The conference will take place from February 6th – 8th, 2014 at the Delta Hotel in the heart of downtown Winnipeg.  

For thirteen years, GAAPS has provided accounting students with ample opportunities to network with industry professionals, hone their accounting problem solving skills, and win cash prizes. The conference will host interactive sessions where a host of guest speakers will discuss relevant issues in the accounting field, as well as a Gala dinner featuring a noteworthy guest speaker.


Five Reasons to Participate in GAAPS

  1. The opportunity to win cash prizes while improving your case analysis and presentation skills.
  2. Provides you the opportunity to present a case in front of corporate representatives, from some of the largest organizations in Manitoba.
  3. Introduces you to accounting issues in a case form, preparing you with the tools necessary to solve real world accounting problems.
  4. It allows you to meet accounting academics and professionals, helping you make contacts in an expanding market for accountants.
  5. The opportunity to meet accounting students from across Canada and enjoy the great Winnipeg nightlife!


Follow this link to apply before January 6, 2014:

For more information: GAAPS - Invitation Package