Board of Directors Application

As mentioned before exam season, a Board of Director has stepped down from their role within AFSA. AFSA is looking for another individual to carry on the duties of a Board of Director from now until the end of the AFSA fiscal year (end of spring 2014 term). The Board of Directors are keen on applicants who are motivated, self starters, have an interest in (student) government/business law, and last but not least, put (or demonstrate the willingness to put) the general well-being of SAF students before themselves.
Applications will be due December 28th, 2013, 11:59 pm.

We ask that applicants follow this procedure:
Send: via Email
To: Zac Hogg (
Subject: Re: BoD Application
Attach: Completed Application form AND an up to date Resume
Once submitted, your application will be forwarded to the current Board of Directors, who will be selecting interview candidates for the week of December 29th. All candidates will be aware of 1) that their application has been submitted successfully and 2) their applications status before and/or after the interview phase.
The AFSA Board of Directors thanks you for your interest and hopes to see an application from you.
Application Download: Appointed BOD app