AFSA Spring Hunt

AFSA is excited to bring back the scavenger hunt from winter term for the summer after great demand. Look around New HH 1st and 2nd floors for signs that will be redeemable for prizes! Prizes include over 200 different selections of giftcards to popular coffee spots, electronics, textbook vouchers and gift cards to food! There will be new prizes throughout the week so make sure you keep yourself posted! Take a break from studying and have fun looking for these throughout the building.

After finding a sign, please fill out this Google Form to validate your finding and await details regarding a prizes pickup:


  • Please ensure that you follow all Waterloo and SAF policies as they are in effect.
  • ONLY SAF Students can redeem, if you are Non-SAF, please ask a SAF friend to help you redeem!
  • Students who have requested an AFSA refund are NOT eligible for this event
  • Only 2 redemptions per person a day, 10 redemptions per person maximum
  • DO NOT interrupt classes to try and find signs, reports of bad behaviour will result in the event being cancelled unfortunately.
  • Most signs will be outside in common areas to prevent disruption of everyday classes.
  • Do not go onto the 3rd floor and disturb faculty!

If there are any questions, feel free to ask away!