AFSA Reimbursements

Dear AFSA members, The finance committee is aiming to give out reimbursements sometime during the week before reading week. This applies to those who have used their own money to temporarily pay for their committee’s respective expenses and/or need to be reimbursed for specific conferences. Please keep an eye out for emails and/or Facebook posts for the specific times that we will be distributing the cheques outside SAF lounge.

The deadline to give in any further receipts for the reimbursements is on Thursday 5th February at 3:00pm, please note that you will only be reimbursed if the following requirements are met:

  1. All receipts must be original (stapled onto the physical reimbursement request form)
  2. All meal receipts (if used to feed more than one person) must contain a list of names of all diners. (You can write this on the form or back of receipt is fine).
  3. Any gift card purchases must list name, telephone number and address of the recipient(s). (Writing this information on the form or back of receipt is fine).
  4. All invoices must have a PAID stamp or show a balance of $0 owing.
  5. If any single individual spends more than $500, he/she can be directly reimbursed from endowment account. The individual must submit his/her receipt to The School and they will be reimbursed in 2-3 weeks.
  6. Any travel expenses must include ticket showing amount (and boarding passes where applicable).
  7. Online form is filled out

If you have any questions, feel free to email


-Catherine Tchang.