AFSA Goes for Gold takes home first gold at BUAC 2014!


With the launch of the AFSA Goes for Gold program this past Spring, much was uncertain, as is always will be, with the launch of a new student run initiative. The program's goal, post-levy implementation, will be to send over 150 students to over 30 conferences Canada, and worldwide. Pre-levy implementation, the goal of the inaugural rendition of the AFSA Goes for Gold conference program will to send over 15 team to 12 conferences across Canada. The end goal, in addition to the the large number of students attending a wide variety of conferences, will be to amass a development and mentorship program that rivals programs like John Molson's Competition Committee (JMCC) and offer students great International opportunities like participation in the Network of International Business Schools' Worldwide Case Competition that rivals programs like the Sprott Competes program.

That being said, the new program sent two Senior Division teams to compete at the Brock University Accounting Conference. Both teams, being shorthanded, still did extremely well! Senior Team 8, composed of Abhishek Deswal, 4A AFM, Edbert Oey, 3A AFM, and Zac Hogg, 5B AFM, made it to the competition's final round. In the final round, the 3 senior AFM students showed off their integration of case based accounting and assurance (audit) knowledge to wow the judges and the delegates in the audience, and took home the spoils, finishing first place overall. It marked the first time in 5 years that an Accounting and Finance student led team from the University of Waterloo won the Senior Division accounting competition at BUAC - the last time being in the Conference's first year, 2009. JMSB's top team finished second, while Guelph's top team finished with third place honours.

Congrats to our winning team and our other great team of students who represented the new program so well at BUAC!

And yes, there is still an opportunity to apply and be eligible for the Goes for Gold program. AFSA is currently taking applications [see below].

BUAC Senior Team 8 Victory Picture

Students are welcome to apply for our second application round to be a part of the AFSA Goes for Gold conference program!

Deadline to apply is December 10th, 11:59PM.

Students already accepted into the program from our early bird and first round application stages need not apply.

Students can find an updated application form here.