After careful deliberation, we are proud to announce the winners of the annual AFSA Community Leadership Award for 2015–2016! We’d like to recognize everyone for their submissions in the previous year and give special thanks to the members of our Selection Committee for their careful review of the nominations received. To celebrate their service to the community, winners were awarded the following:

  1. Names engraved on the AFSA Community Leadership Awards Plaque in the SAF lounge
  2. An invitation to the annual SAF Awards Dinner
  3. A special gift from the AFSA Executive Team

It was a difficult decision, but here are our winners! (In no particular order)


Ram Subbiah, Class of 2019

Described as a model student and role model, Ram is a great ambassador for the School of Accounting and Finance. He has exhibited dedication to his role as a member of AFSA’s Administration and Knowledge Management committee, as co-chair for AFOW, as well as by being a Peer Leader for various first year AFM students. His passion for assisting others has been evident through his interactions with students from various years and programs in SAF—leading through example in a friendly, approachable manner and presenting himself with sincerity. Outside of SAF, Ram also betters the university experience by acting as an ambassador through his role as lead accountant at TEDxUW. We commend Ram for his unmistakable mentorship, leadership, and commitment.


Jasper Lam, Class of 2019

Jasper has displayed a tremendous amount of servant leadership both within SAF and outside of SAF. As an Executive for ACE Consulting Group, Jasper envisioned and implemented ACE Kickstarter: an event that invites students of all faculties in UW to learn about start-ups and to work towards solving a real-life problem start-ups face. This helped bring together over 80 SAF students and exposed them to the entrepreneurship world. As the Sponsorship Director for Power Unit, he was also able to secure over $80k which helped grow the event to new heights and attracted over 100,000 patrons. As a result of Jasper’s efforts, he was able to provide attendees with an unforgettable experience. We commend Jasper for his innovation, willingness to help, and altruism.


Jacqueline Sue, Class of 2019

Jacqueline’s passion towards ACE Consulting Group is unmistakable. She has fostered a tremendous welcoming community within the consulting group while strengthening its stellar reputation, and inspired others to further her vision towards the community. These accomplishments are not an individual effort, but Jacqueline has understood when to lead by example and when to encourage others to speak up and voice their ideas. She has also demonstrated what it means to be an exceptional peer leader, seeking to empower her LLC students with a variety of weekly workshops regardless of whether the focus is developing professional skills or helping students feel more comfortable around each other. We commend Jacqueline for her initiative, outstanding dedication, and kindness.

Thank you for your frequent contributions to improving the School of Accounting and Finance, and best of luck to everyone else in the following year’s nomination!