AFSA Advocacy to the Federation of Students

Dear Accounting and Finance Students, This past year, AFSA,  in addition to our strong communication and working relationship with the School of Accounting and Finance, has focused its advocacy for its students on a National and University wide level.

In that same spirit, today AFSA attended a Federation of Students "Guide the Future Focus Group". AFSA lobbied for FED's to include the following in their 3 to 5 year vision:

- Empowerment of Business Students through associations and clubs (like school of accounting and finance students who do not have a direct line to student government - students can only do so through their respective faculties; or ensuring more adequate funding of business related clubs/conferences)

- Ensuring adequate career resources for newer, professional schools/programs, that may not have as much focus from employers who receive a standardized message from employers via CECA which may indirectly have more focus on standard/traditional STEM University programs and students

- Advocating for the disclosure to HCR tuition paying students on where their tuition is allocated amongst the University faculties and departments

If you wish to attend a "Guide the Future Focus Group", please sign up here. Alternatively, students are welcome to ask a current or elected AFSA Executive or Board of Director to lobby on their behalf at one of these meetings.

The final focus groups will be held at the following dates and times:

June 23rd; 11am to 12:15pm & 1pm to 2:15pm

June 27th; 11am to 12:15pm & 1pm to 2:15pm