AFSA 2018 Elections

The AFSA election process has now begun!


There are various elected positions on the AFSA executive team, AFSA Board of Directors and AFEF Board of Directors. For a complete description of roles and responsibilities, refer to


Sat May 19th – Deadline to submit applications @11:59pm
Sun May 20th – Candidates vetted and announced
Mon May 21sth – Campaigning begins
Sun May 27th – Campaigning ends @11:59pm
Mon May 28th – Voting begins
Wed May 30th – Voting Ends @11:59pm
Thurs May 31st – Results announced


1.       Anyone enrolled in the School of Accounting and Finance (AFM, Math-CPA, Bio-CPA, and CFM) for September 2018 in 2A and up are eligible to run! The only exception is for the position of President, where the student must also expect to be on campus for his/her study term for at least 8 months that year.

2.      The Communication and Corporate Relations committee will be merged into Marketing and External respectively. These 2 committees will have 2 Co-Vice Presidents for the upcoming year for transition purposes.

3.      The elections process formally starts with the submission an application for the position you wish to run for (one position per person), the links for which can be found below.

4.      Once applications are approved by the elections committee (you will receive an email along with further rules and regulations), the campaign period begins. During the campaign period, candidates can promote their platform (online only) and SAF students can participate through the elections forum (

5.      Once the campaign period ends, voting will begin. During this period, all SAF students (including MAcc) can vote (or abstain from voting, i.e. not vote for any candidate) for all positions as well as any referendums. The vote will be anonymous and held online (the link will be provided at a later date through and AFSA’s Facebook page).

6.      Subsequently, the votes will be tallied and the successful candidates will be contacted through email while the final results will be announced on

7.      If there are still positions open after the by-elections, the remaining executives will be appointed by the current Board of Directors.

Direct Link to the AFSA BOD Application Form:

AFSA Executive application:

AFSA BOD application:

AFEF BOD application:

 If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Elections Committee at