Adopt-A-Coop: Mentor and Mentee Applications


CALLING ALL UPPER YEARS (3A AND ABOVE)! Remember the time when you were in second year and had no idea how to deal with co-op? Sign up to be an Adopt-a-Coop mentor to share your experience with upcoming second years! This is a SAF tradition that has been going on for YEARS! Don’t forget to register!


I know you’re all still denying that your last summer is over and that school is starting in less than a week. You’ve all heard that 2A is the stressful days of job hunting but DO NOT FEAR! This is the PERFECT chance for you to have an upper year mentor guide you through the entire co-op process! Don’t miss out on being an Adopt-a-Coop mentee because you’ll need this! No seriously, you need it.

Mentor and Mentee Applications are available from Saturday, August 30th to Sunday, September 7th