2014 AFSA Community Leadership Award


UPDATE: Nominations will be due at 11:59PM on Tuesday, July 29th. AFSA is currently taking nominations for its third rendition of the AFSA Annual Leadership Award.

The Award was created in Spring of 2012 by former President Nitish Sharma. Nitish oversaw the AFSA daily operations during the 2011-2012 academic year and noticed the need to better reward and recognize those making positive contributions to his/her academic community. The AFSA Community Leadership Award was thus founded that year and first awarded during the Spring 2012 term and handed out at the Fall 2012 SAF Awards Night.

Students can win in the Overall, SAF Community Contributions, or  Contributions to a Worthwhile Endeavour Outside the University categories.

Selected by random draw, Angela Pan and Dean Ah Sen will be sitting on the Selection Committee along with AFSA President, Zac Hogg, and AFSA Chairman, Michael Yang. Two professors, to be named later, will also be sitting on the Selection Committee.

Please make your nominations through the following Google Form: http://tinyurl.com/AFSA2014CLA

Along with the prize to be named later, students will be honoured with their award at the Fall SAF Awards Night, and will have their name engraved on the award that sits in the SAF/CMA Lounge.

More information on the award can be found on the Nomination Form.

Winners are still expected to be announced prior to the start of exam period!!