AFSA Spring Hunt

AFSA is excited to bring back the scavenger hunt from winter term for the summer after great demand. Look around New HH 1st and 2nd floors for signs that will be redeemable for prizes! Prizes include over 200 different selections of giftcards to popular coffee spots, electronics, textbook vouchers and gift cards to food! There will be new prizes throughout the week so make sure you keep yourself posted! Take a break from studying and have fun looking for these throughout the building.

After finding a sign, please fill out this Google Form to validate your finding and await details regarding a prizes pickup:


  • Please ensure that you follow all Waterloo and SAF policies as they are in effect.
  • ONLY SAF Students can redeem, if you are Non-SAF, please ask a SAF friend to help you redeem!
  • Students who have requested an AFSA refund are NOT eligible for this event
  • Only 2 redemptions per person a day, 10 redemptions per person maximum
  • DO NOT interrupt classes to try and find signs, reports of bad behaviour will result in the event being cancelled unfortunately.
  • Most signs will be outside in common areas to prevent disruption of everyday classes.
  • Do not go onto the 3rd floor and disturb faculty!

If there are any questions, feel free to ask away!

SCHOOL OF ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE - 2017 Investment Research Challenge

The School of Accounting and Finance (SAF) is pleased to present its fifth annual Investment Research Challenge (IRC). The competition is an excellent opportunity for SAF students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in Finance. Students will get the opportunity to network with industry professionals and gain valuable feedback in the process. This event is sponsored by the CPA SAF Centre for Capital Markets Education. This event is coordinated with AFSA/Finance Focus.

Check out the 2016 IRC!

The IRC has served as a training ground for students who have gone on to win external competitions, including the CFA Institute Research Challenge. SAF teams have won at the Toronto level five times in the last six years ( relations/research-challenge/past-winners) including spring 2017 when they went on to the Americas Regional in Seattle, WA. In 2016, the SAF team won the global level of the CFA Institute Research Challenge. Read about it here!


The 2017 IRC is open to undergraduate students in SAF programs, currently in their 2B term or later terms and to MAcc students. The competition requires a student group to analyze an assigned publicly-traded common stock and defend its buy/hold/sell recommendation. Each group will be required to submit an Excel workbook detailing its analysis along with the slide deck. Each group will make a 7-minute presentation to a faculty/industry judging panel followed by an 8-minute Q&A session. In the second round, the four finalists will be judged by industry experts.

The event will take place on Friday, July 14, 2017. Participants must sign up as individuals and could suggest up to three additional student names to form a team of four. To improve the learning experience, consider forming a student team that has a mix of second year and upper

year students. Each team will be assigned a stock, post registration. Each team must submit a PowerPoint presentation for a 7-minute stock pitch and an Excel workbook showing the supporting analysis.

Registering and then withdrawing from the competition without appropriate documentation, such as a medical note, will be deemed unprofessional and may put a student out of contention for IRC involvement in the future and from being selected for an external competition team or the student investment fund.

We are thankful to Anish Chopra for sponsoring the IRC prizes. Anish Chopra is a Global Wealth Management and Investment Leader with Expertise in Asset Management and Innovative Wealth Products. Anish was also the Chair of the Advisory Board of the School's Student-run Investment Fund from its inception in 2012 until April 2014.

The 2017 IRC Prizes are as follows:

1st Place: $2,000 2nd Place: $1,000 3rd Place: $700 4th Place: $300

Key Dates:

- Last Date to Register: Monday, June 26th, 2017, 11:59 p.m.
- Team and Stock Assignment: Wednesday, June 29th, 2017, 11:59 p.m. - Upload PowerPoint Slides and Excel Model to LEARN dropbox.

Due Date: Wednesday, July 12th, 2017, 11:59 p.m.
- IRC Event Date: Friday, July 14, 2017 starting at 12:00 p.m. and going to 6:30 p.m.

To apply find the application process in LEARN, My SAF Community, Assessments, Surveys, Investment Research Challenge 2017. If you have any questions about the application process, contact

We look forward to receiving your applications.

AFSA By-election 2017

Missed out on the AFSA 2017-2018 election? Don’t worry, there are still positions open on the AFSA BOD in the by-election!


There are 2 elected positions on the Board of Directors. For a complete description of roles and responsibilities, refer to


Sun May 28th – Deadline to submit applications @midnight
Mon May 29th – Candidates vetted and announced
Tues May 30th – Campaigning begins
Mon June 5th – Campaigning ends @midnight
Tues June 6th – Voting begins
Thurs June 8th – Voting Ends @midnight
Fri June 9th – Results announced


  1.  Anyone enrolled in the School of Accounting and Finance (AFM, Math-CPA, Bio-CPA, and CFM) for September 2016 in 2A and up are eligible to run! (Exception of alumni allowed for one AFSA Board seat).
  2. The elections process formally starts with the submission an application for the position you wish to run for (one position per person), the links for which can be found below.
  3. Once applications are approved by the elections committee (you will receive an email along with further rules and regulations), the campaign period begins. During the campaign period, candidates can promote their platform (online only) and SAF students can participate through the elections forum (
  4. Once the campaign period ends, voting will begin. During this period, all SAF students (including MAcc) can vote (or abstain from voting, i.e. not vote for any candidate) for all positions as well as any referendums. The vote will be anonymous and held online (the link will be provided at a later date through and AFSA’s Facebook page).
  5. Subsequently, the votes will be tallied and the successful candidates will be contacted through email while the final results will be announced on
  6. If there are still positions open after the by-elections, the remaining executives will be appointed by the current Board of Directors.

Direct Link to the AFSA BOD Application Form:

AFSA BOD application:

 If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Elections Committee at  

Election Results!

The AFSA Elections committee and the AFSA Executive 2016-2017 team would like to welcome and congratulate the new AFSA & AFEF team for 2017-2018

AFSA Executive Team


Votes cast: 430

  • Allen Wang Number of votes: 321

VP Finance

Votes cast: 385

  • Claudia Voin Number of votes: 240
  • Yi Ling Wu Number of votes: 79
  • Eligible voters: 1959
  • Votes cast: 385

VP External

Votes cast: 416

  • Jason Li Number of votes: 169
  • Michelle Hoang Number of votes: 136
  • Patrick Yu Number of votes: 39

VP Education

Votes votes: 363

  • Brayden Goehner Number of votes: 263 

VP Internal Services

Votes cast: 382

  • Szwina Yip Number of votes: 96
  • Amber Cheung Number of votes: 87
  • Nik Banerjee Number of votes: 90
  • Susan Lu Number of votes: 39

VP Communications

Votes cast: 389

  • Sarah Lee Number of votes: 188
  • Kevin Bai Number of votes: 127

VP Marketing

Votes cast: 352

  •  Kingsley Man Number of votes: 251

VP Internal (Events)

Votes cast: 373

  • Julee Huang Number of votes: 193
  • Kyle Huang Number of votes: 127


VP Administration & Knowledge Management

Votes cast: 380

  • Rena Ding Number of votes: 283

VP Corporate

Votes cast: 397

  • Jeffrey Kottoor Number of votes: 136
  • Kwong Ching Wong Number of votes: 85
  • Karen Xu Number of votes: 103


Board of Directors

Votes cast: 402

  • Tony Liu Number of votes: 259
  • Stanley Hu Number of votes: 244
  • Derek Wang Number of votes: 244
  • Vanessa Yiu Number of votes: 219
  • Kevin Hyunho Shin Number of votes: 185
  • Hasan Harif Number of votes: 160


AFEF Board of Directors

Votes cast: 467

  • Jacqueline Sue Number of votes: 195
  • Shiraz Casseer Number of votes: 163
  • Shivam Jadoo Number of votes: 157
  • Andres Perez-Vilarino Number of votes: 140
  • Tiffany Chan Number of votes: 130
  • Agnes Lam Number of votes: 124
  • Ellie Wang Number of votes: 105
  • Esther Ning Xin Kua Number of votes: 97
  • Ashley Jianing Ma Number of votes: 82
  • Stephanie Shiu Number of votes: 73
  • Gabriel Siu Number of votes: 71


2017 McGill International Portfolio Challenge

The 2017 McGill International Portfolio Challenge Committee has the pleasure to announce University of Waterloo Accounting & Finance Student Association the launching of the first international asset management competition in North America which will be hosted at McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management in Montréal, Canada. With the opportunity of winning up to $50,000 of cash prizes, this buy-side academic competition – the first of its kind – focuses on innovative portfolio design and asset management through the creation of a portfolio for a complex, institutional client.


Open to both undergraduate and graduate students in North America, the competition has already drawn widespread interest from numerous top corporate sponsors in asset management.

Please go visit MIPC’s website to learn more about the competition and for any additional information regarding the conduct of the challenge.


In order to register, you MUST have the approval from an academic advisor. 

Interested students should speak to a PROFESSOR / LECTURER IN A RELATED DISCIPLINE (Finance, Economics), who will assist in forming the competing teams.

Each school is invited to register up to two teams of up to four participants to solve the case. 


Online registration opens March, 15th 2017, please click here to register.




Hey, SAF members! AFSA External is bringing you an opportunity from the Schulich Accounting Society regarding their full-day conference - SACC 2017: Making a Statement.  

Join them on March 11th, at KPMG Toronto Office (333 Bay Street, Toronto)! If you are pursing accounting, or still discovering other paths such as finance and marketing, discover how our speakers and various industry professionals were able to make a statement in their career!


There is an optional case competition which you can choose to participate in groups of 3 or 4. Preliminary round requires you to submit 1 page of executive summary (plus max 2 pages of appendix) based on a business strategy case. The case will only be given if all team members have successfully registered and paid. At the conference, Top 10 will proceed to present in front of our judges, then Top 3 will present in front of all delegates later in the evening.


Highlights of the conference include:

  • exclusive event sponsored by KPMG
  • find career paths that opened up after working for the firm from "KPMG Alumni" (BMO, Roots Canada)
  • workshops and networking opportunities with representatives from: KPMG, MLSE, Women in Capital Markets, and more
  • incredible case competition prizes, and special guest appearance of The Raptor


2 Easy Steps to Register

1. Link to purchase a ticket:

Be sure to send proof of ticket payment and event attendance confirmation to to receive a 50% reimbursement!!

2. Link to register*:

*If possible, please indicate your school in brackets next to your First Name*

Facebook Event Page:


There are 15 limited spots available! All registration and preliminary round are due on the March 2nd, 11:59pm.


If you have questions or need any clarification, feel free to contact Michelle Hoang, Jason Li, or Justina Ha anytime at or (647-898-2271) and on Facebook.


After careful deliberation, we are proud to announce the winners of the annual AFSA Community Leadership Award for 2015–2016! We’d like to recognize everyone for their submissions in the previous year and give special thanks to the members of our Selection Committee for their careful review of the nominations received. To celebrate their service to the community, winners were awarded the following:

  1. Names engraved on the AFSA Community Leadership Awards Plaque in the SAF lounge
  2. An invitation to the annual SAF Awards Dinner
  3. A special gift from the AFSA Executive Team

It was a difficult decision, but here are our winners! (In no particular order)


Ram Subbiah, Class of 2019

Described as a model student and role model, Ram is a great ambassador for the School of Accounting and Finance. He has exhibited dedication to his role as a member of AFSA’s Administration and Knowledge Management committee, as co-chair for AFOW, as well as by being a Peer Leader for various first year AFM students. His passion for assisting others has been evident through his interactions with students from various years and programs in SAF—leading through example in a friendly, approachable manner and presenting himself with sincerity. Outside of SAF, Ram also betters the university experience by acting as an ambassador through his role as lead accountant at TEDxUW. We commend Ram for his unmistakable mentorship, leadership, and commitment.


Jasper Lam, Class of 2019

Jasper has displayed a tremendous amount of servant leadership both within SAF and outside of SAF. As an Executive for ACE Consulting Group, Jasper envisioned and implemented ACE Kickstarter: an event that invites students of all faculties in UW to learn about start-ups and to work towards solving a real-life problem start-ups face. This helped bring together over 80 SAF students and exposed them to the entrepreneurship world. As the Sponsorship Director for Power Unit, he was also able to secure over $80k which helped grow the event to new heights and attracted over 100,000 patrons. As a result of Jasper’s efforts, he was able to provide attendees with an unforgettable experience. We commend Jasper for his innovation, willingness to help, and altruism.


Jacqueline Sue, Class of 2019

Jacqueline’s passion towards ACE Consulting Group is unmistakable. She has fostered a tremendous welcoming community within the consulting group while strengthening its stellar reputation, and inspired others to further her vision towards the community. These accomplishments are not an individual effort, but Jacqueline has understood when to lead by example and when to encourage others to speak up and voice their ideas. She has also demonstrated what it means to be an exceptional peer leader, seeking to empower her LLC students with a variety of weekly workshops regardless of whether the focus is developing professional skills or helping students feel more comfortable around each other. We commend Jacqueline for her initiative, outstanding dedication, and kindness.

Thank you for your frequent contributions to improving the School of Accounting and Finance, and best of luck to everyone else in the following year’s nomination!