Jackson Wang

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Position you are running for: VP Marketing

What do you believe are the main concerns for students in SAF right now? How would you like to approach fixing them?

Currently, the main concerns for students in SAF—from a marketing perspective—revolve around some of the committee's biggest commitments: creating exposure for events and marketing them effectively, as well as improving the structure of the merchandise store. Regarding the first issue, we can improve our marketing effectiveness by advertising through the Story feature on the UW AFSA Instagram account, holding countdown stories to major events. Additionally, regarding the, the merchandise store, our committee ran into some logistics issues this year and ended up having to delay pick-up time to a date in the middle of exam season due to supplier issues. Therefore, I propose that this year we introduce an online option to order merchandise on the website that will be available near the start of the year. We will have specific weeks where individuals can order merchandise, up to a certain date, to ensure everyone can get their merchandise before exams. 

Why are you running for this position? (experience, background & motivation)

I am running for this position because of my desire to continue learning and improving as an individual alongside my amazing committee members in Marketing. As I have served as Deputy Vice President for a term, I believe my experience will ensure I will be up to the tasks required, and more importantly, exceed all expectations of Marketing. To me, “experience” reflects not only the tasks I have accomplished, but time I spent with my fellow committee members/friends. The work we completed as a team was what I felt the most proud about at the end of the day. Furthermore, I aspire to pay forward the mentorship and guidance offered to me this year and become a Vice President who is not only a capable leader but also a great mentor and friend. AFSA helped me through my first year of university with all the friends I made and the mentors who taught me; I want to continue learning from a position of leadership within AFSA, and I believe that my experience and skills qualify me for this.

Place your platform for your position here:

My name is Jackson Wang and I served as Deputy Vice President in 1B in Marketing. With my experience and skillset, I believe that I am a candidate that can produce results, and give you what you want out of your experience in SAF! 

My objective is to be an amazing Co-Vice President of Marketing and Communications that guarantees that you’ll never miss an event and ensures that the merchandise store will carry the merch you want!

Having served as Deputy Vice President, I’ve amassed a fair amount of experience in Marketing, and I have learned a lot of what it means to be a leader. Over the past year, I’ve learned posters are much more than a nice font and a catchy graphic. There are many elements that need to work together in order to communicate the desired message. Similarly, in my position as the Deputy Vice-President of Marketing in Winter 2018, I saw the catastrophe of how even the most talented team can have catastrophic results with poor management. As a result, just like how I have mastered the art of combining text, color, and images on a poster, I have a clear vision of what I wish to do as Vice President of Marketing in Fall 2018.

While AFSA is a tight knit community for those who actively participate, I’ve heard from many people that it feels exclusive and those without friends on the committees are not welcome. If elected, I promise create promotions that are appealing to all within SAF. Moreover, as a member on the executive AFSA committee, I promise to work with the other elected members to organize inclusive events that cater to the whole population. One idea I have of implementing is having an incentive such as a reward provided for individuals who refer other individuals into attending their first AFSA event, this could be in the form of a coupon voucher for the AFSA merchandise store or a small gift card. 
In addition to inclusive events and broader outreach, I promise to have an “open-door” or “Active Facebook” policy that will allow any member of SAF who has questions, comments, or concerns regarding any AFSA initiative/promotion to voice their thoughts. I fundamentally believe that it is important for everyone’s voice to be heard, and through gathering feedback from the community, I will be able to drive change in how the AFSA executive committee makes decisions and plans events.
As the Deputy Vice President last term, I am very proud to have spearheaded the SAF Merchandise store initiative. Our store garnered much attention and support and I look forward to seeing everyone wear our merch in the upcoming term. Nonetheless, there were definitely areas for improvement such as supplier management and merchandise delivery. If elected, I will work to improve the efficiencies of the team managing the merchandise store and provide more diverse designs to appeal to a wider audience.
Finally, AFSA has enabled me to receive mentorship from many upper year committee members. As Vice President of Marketing, I promise to foster an environment of mentorship and leadership development for those in my committee and those in the community who are eager to learn more. I hope to enable more 1-on-1 mentorship pairings, leadership development workshops, and advice panels. 

In conclusion, I, Jackson Wang, hope to be elected as the Vice-President of Marketing for AFSA because I have the leadership experience and vision that will bring a year of inclusion, mentorship, and excitement!