Stephanie Nguyen


Position you are running for: VP Internal Events

What do you believe are the main concerns for students in SAF right now? How would you like to approach fixing them?

The main concern for students in SAF right now is how hard it is to balance school, extra-curriculars, and other things going on in their life. It’s easy to get caught up in everything and feel like you always have to move forward without giving yourself a chance to take a break and catch your breath. My approach on fixing this is to run events that allow students to step away from the pressure of university and have an enjoyable time with their peers. Giving students the opportunity to relax helps their mental health and gets them to just take a break from everything that is going on. A simple phrase to remember is that growing up doesn’t mean you stop having fun. You should always leave aside some time to have fun because if you enjoy and love what you are doing, success will follow.

Why are you running for this position? (experience, background & motivation)

I am running for VP Internal Events because as Deputy Vice President of IE in the winter term, I was able to really get to know my team and work with them to coordinate the best events possible. I oversaw the recruitment of additional members to share the workload and they were all perfect additions to the IE family. My motivation is my team…a leader is only as good as her team and I was always open to hearing new ideas and opinions about how we can continually try to improve our planning with each passing event. I love being a part of Internal Events and I love the people I’ve been blessed to meet and become friends with throughout my first year of university because of this committee. I am running for this position because I know that there is so much more I want to do to bring happiness and joy to the SAF students by planning legendary events with some incredible individuals. My story isn’t over yet…this is just the beginning.

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“Steph over Everyone”
There is no one who will give more to this position than me. Being part of IE is everything to me and I want to be a VP that not only my team can rely on, but also the SAF community, to deliver and execute. You can count on me to show up and bring the passion to each and every single event. I’m all ears to any ideas that anyone may have…the sky is the limit. Let’s work together to ensure that this upcoming year is the best year yet. Stand witness to what I can offer to the SAF community as Vice President of Internal Events and let’s go all in.