Kimberly Dela Cruz


Position you are running for: VP Marketing

What do you believe are the main concerns for students in SAF right now? How would you like to approach fixing them?

SAF students are known to be determined, motivated, and unquestionably exceptional. As such, the main concerns for SAF students now are the pressures that come with keeping up with certain standards and finding a healthy balance between overall wellness and figurative success. Beginning immediately in their first year, SAF students are swept into an overwhelming culture that necessitates them to be scholars, leaders, athletes, innovators, and more all at once. My approach to fixing these issues is working to ensure that SAF students may always have the tools to succeed in all areas through a strong support system. As a member of AFSA, I want to help ensure that though we work to improve the entire community, we clearly recognize that the community is made up of unique individuals. I believe communicating and creating events or services that express this can create a significant impact on how SAF students feel in our community, and allow them to thrive in however way they choose.

Why are you running for this position? (experience, background & motivation)

I am running for VP Marketing because I realize that AFSA’s efforts can be overlooked if not communicated effectively to the SAF community. For AFSA to influence and contribute to the students’ experiences, the community must first know what AFSA is planning. In my experience running AFSA social media, I was eager to discover new ways to engage users through our platforms, including creating more dynamic Instagram posts/stories, video content, and live broadcasts. As Deputy VP of Communications, my committee also provided new weekly slideshows in the SAF Lounge showcasing upcoming events and hosted a social media contest for International Women’s Day, a contest that allowed the SAF community to connect with AFSA through an event that was relevant to current news and issues at the time. My motivation for this position is the goal of creating and acting on a constant stream of new ideas to improve AFSA’s newly formed Marketing committee.

Place your platform for your position here:

My name is Kimberly Dela Cruz, and I am running for the position of VP Marketing on the 2018-2019 AFSA Executive Team. This newly formed committee now covers not only the areas of merchandise, advertising and branding, but also the role of connecting and promoting media, news, and upcoming events to the SAF community. Originally an AFSA social media coordinator, I developed a passion for finding new ways of engaging with the community through our social media platforms, including creating more elaborate and dynamic Instagram stories, posting video content, and hosting live broadcasts. From my experience as Deputy VP of Communications last term, I learned more of how AFSA’s different committees worked together to achieve our goal of meeting the ever-changing needs of SAF students, and I hope to use this knowledge to better promote and advertise AFSA’s events and services. This experience also allowed me the opportunity to understand the roles of AFSA’s pre-existing Marketing committee, which I believe will allow me to lead the new Marketing team as its members transition to unify the duties of previously both Communications and Marketing.

My goal as VP Marketing is to establish a level of engagement with the SAF community that is more interactive than before. AFSA is a unique organization in SAF in the sense that its primary purpose is meeting student needs and strengthening the SAF community; my goal is to allow the community to see itself as a part of every AFSA initiative, always reminded that they are the driving force for all of the organization’s efforts. I want to develop the relationship between AFSA and the SAF community through initiatives such as maintaining an open submission folder for pictures and videos from AFSA events, allowing us to showcase AFSA both as captured by our photographers, and as experienced by the community. I hope to continue providing new, exciting content to share, such as Term-in-Review videos posted to our Facebook page and played in the SAF Lounge. I strive to build a stronger awareness for our various AFSA committees and their respective roles through ideas including: establishing clear branding by creating identifying logos for each AFSA committee to be added to their posters, appointing sub-committees within Marketing to cover the promotion of specific areas in AFSA, and allowing other non-Marketing members occasional access to the AFSA platforms to showcase their teams through the likes of content such as “A Day in the Life of an IE Project Manager”.

As VP Marketing, I hope to use my experiences, creativity, and—more importantly—my passion for the organization to create lasting change within both AFSA and the SAF community.