Julee Huang


Position you are running for: AFSA Board of Directors

What do you believe are the main concerns for students in SAF right now? How would you like to approach fixing them?

A major concern for SAF students is the stressful environment caused by pressure to obtain a good job and strong marks. Unfortunately, I think the competitive nature of the program/industry is unavoidable and it'd be a complicated, lengthy process to fix it. However, I would like to do more to help students handle and alleviate their stress. This is where I believe AFSA should step in and take responsibility to promote unity within the student body. Sometimes we are disappointed by our professors, course materials, or faculty administration, but as students we should be able to lean on each other for support. 

In the past, I've heard concerns of AFSA seeming exclusive and not looking out for the best interest of SAF students. I can sympathize, and I don't want AFSA to continue making others feel this way. Being the VP of Internal Events, I have a better understanding of the difficulties encountered by the executives, so I look forward to working with them constructively to address these issues rather than pointing out faults without realistic suggestions for improvement. Through the points addressed in my platform, I hope to increase the value that AFSA provides for students.

Why are you running for this position? (experience, background & motivation)

The BoD’s main responsibility is to ensure that the Executive Committee’s actions are in the best interest of the students based on listening to feedback. They also have the responsibility of approving the AFSA budget prepared by executives and executing other administrative duties. 
As a BoD member, I know that my role is typically limited as my main duty is to provide guidance and voice my opinion, rather than executing any tangible services/events. Despite this, I believe that through early communication with the executives and providing critical feedback along with helpful suggestions, I’d like to see the following things happen:
1. Increased volume of charitable events held by the External committee
2. Consistency of activities performed from term to term (Though a lesser budget is allocated to certain terms due to fewer students on campus, none of the committees should be reducing their activity to nearly nothing.)
3. Continued high quality of internal services and internal events, ensuring that the student capacity of each production is sufficient
4. Improved focus on diverse career possibilities and mental health & well-being in Internal Services Events

Place your platform for your position here:

Please vote for me because I would do my best to ensure that AFSA properly serves the students of SAF. Additional reasons why you should vote for me are listed below:
1. My previous experience as a VP of AFSA helped me learn the ins and outs of how AFSA works, how we are limited, and what the best viable options are. For example, I know that certain events are planned several months in advance, so I would be sure to ask the VP about them at the appropriate time if I have any concerns, before it's too late.
2. I really care about seeing improvement in AFSA, and making sure that the fees that students pay are put to good use. I don't have much to gain personally by being on the BoD, but I still want to pour my time and effort into this because I care. I have been lucky enough to reap the benefits of AFSA through the events, services, mentorship, and friendship, so I want to pay it forward. If you want your fees to be invested in what benefits you, vote for me.
3. I have proven myself to be hardworking and organized, which will benefit you because I WILL actually take the time to listen to you through actions such as going through feedback survey results and taking notes to follow up with executives & faculty.
4. Vote for me if you want to see some of the same things that I want to see. My goal, to recap my answer to the other question, is to see an increase in charity events, consistency between terms, growth in the quality of internal events and services, and additional focus on a wider range of career opportunities and well-being.