Jason Li

AFEF Jason Li.jpg

Position you are running for: AFEF Board of Directors

How do you feel AFEF can benefit from you on the BoD?

I believe AFEF can benefit from someone who has had a great amount of experience running, budgeting, and hosting various events for SAF students. As the current VP External of AFSA, the previous CPA Board of Ambassador, and various other positions around the UW community, I have seen what kinds of events can really benefit the SAF students, both current and incoming. With an open mindset and willingness to listen to the SAF community, I believe my involvement on AFEF will allow for more diverse and new initiatives to get a better chance at receiving the proper funding they need to thrive. I care a lot about the well-being of all students in the SAF community and will do everything I can to make our experiences positive and uplifting.

What current or future initiatives would you prioritize AFEF funding for?

I would prioritize funding for two categories of initiatives. 1) Events that promote an opportunity for students to develop their professional careers. This may sound like a really generic answer, but there are so many different ways that students can grow and learn in order to become successful in the futures. I would prioritize events that had opportunities to network with different firms and industries, or those that help develop skills like interviews skills, resume-building, public speaking and much more. 2) I would also prioritize events that promote mental health and well being. As students, there are many times where we may feel disappointed or sad, and that can really take a toll on personal success and enjoyment. I would welcome and prioritize any initiative that helps tackle this issue in a meaningful way, whether the initiative helps in a direct way, or provides a stress reliever for SAF students.

Place your platform for your position here:

AFEF is an amazing opportunity that allows SAF students to receive funding for amazing initiatives. I have been able to see what some of the more well-established clubs like UWAC, Hedge, Ace, AFSA, and much more have been able to offer SAF students in terms of career development and creating a fun environment. However, having been able to talk to and meet so many fun and amazing people in all walks of life in our programs, I know there are many different people who have their ideas and opinions on how to make SAF more enjoyable of an experience. One of the main reasons I want to run for AFEF is to be able to get to listen and acknowledge the amazing initiatives and ideas students in SAF can bring to the table. Whether from well established clubs or a group of students with a great idea, if you vote for me in the Accounting and Finance Endowment Fund election, I can promise that all of your initiatives will be properly acknowledge and considered equally. I just want to promote a fun and positive environment in SAF among the students, and I will do everything to try and achieve that goal.