Ivan Yung


Position you are running for: AFEF Board of Directors

How do you feel AFEF can benefit from you on the BoD?

Since my first year in the School of Accounting and Finance (SAF), I have actively been searching for ways to contribute to the community. I have stayed involved by joining various SAF clubs such as UWAC and AFSA. Through my involvement in these extra-curricular activities, I have gained exposure to the different types of initiatives for which these Accounting/Finance clubs require funding. Furthermore, with an executive position within both of these SAF clubs, I have had the pleasure of working with different teams, striving towards a common goal. I believe that I could apply these experiences to AFEF and work towards helping other passionate students fund their projects and initiatives. Finally, I have been able to develop strong time-management skills, balancing between academics and extra-curricular activities. Suffice to say, I would give it my all to go above and beyond my role if I were to hold a position as one of the Board of Directors on AFEF.

What current or future initiatives would you prioritize AFEF funding for?

The School of Accounting and Finance offers initiatives that provide support to incoming first-year students and upper-year students. I believe that initiatives such as AFOW can truly benefit SAF as it allows first-year students to learn more about the program and connect with upper-year students. As well, it allows upper-year students a chance to give back to the SAF community by volunteering for this initiative. Another student-led organization that SAF has proven to be beneficial is AFSA. As a former member for the AFSA Administration/Knowledge Management committee, I have seen the many expenses that AFSA, in general, must incur in order to provide a greater experience for SAF students (eg. capital improvements in SAF Lounge). Lastly, through speaking to previous members of the board, I have noted that there are proposals for new initiatives each year. By allocating funds to these new initiatives, I believe that AFEF could help SAF minimize the amount of missed opportunities.

Place your platform for your position here:

Every term, SAF students provide a small donation towards AFEF. If funds are not allocated to the initiatives that the community deems to be beneficial, then we would not be optimizing our donations. Therefore, it is important for a member of the board to not only be approachable but to also reach out to students for feedback. With a strong will to take initiative and further improve the School of Accounting and Finance, I believe that I could provide this to our students. Furthermore, as an executive member of UWAC, I have had the pleasure of presenting a proposal to AFEF. I understand the amount of work and dedication that passionate individuals must go through in order to organize a successful initiative. Thus, if given the opportunity to hold a position on the board, I will ensure that valued initiatives are not ignored!