The Accounting & Finance Student Association is run and governed by a fully-elected Executive Team and a partially-elected Board of Directors. 


Executive Team


President (also sits on the Board of Directors) Is the official representative of AFSA and is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the entire student organization and maintaining strong communication between all executive and board members.


VP Admin & Knowledge Management Responsible for maintaining the  structure of the organization and all administration that would allow for the organization to run smoothly. Such duties include status reports and knowledge management.


VP Communications Responsible for connecting, communicating and promotion media & news to the School of Accounting and Finance students through the channels of social media, newsletters, photography and the website.


VP Corporate Relations Responsible for communication and relationship management with all external bodies of a corporate nature that involve monetary or in-kind sponsorship for the organizations and/or its affiliates.

brayden goehner |

VP Education Responsible for the evaluation of the School of Accounting and Finance quality, the student experience, and the development of long term and short term programs and initiatives to address the needs and concerns which arise during said evaluation of the education experience. Also serves as a faculty student liaison for students with single course, multi course, or overall program concerns.


VP External Responsible for building and maintaining relationships with organizations off and on campus with the primary focus towards other business and commerce student associations across Canada and clubs and other societies internal to the University of Waterloo.

julee huang |

VP Internal (Events) Responsible for planning all social events that service Accounting and Finance students, such as 3 on 3 Basketball, Bubble Tea Talent Show, Upper Year Semi-Formal etc.

szwina yip |

VP Internal (Services) Responsible for running professional and career development services such as resumé critiques, interview workshops, the e-Mentorship program and the annual Tax Clinic where student volunteers help file free income taxes for the local community.


VP Finance (also sits on the Board of Directors) Responsible for the finances of the  organization and ensures pre-approved funds are distributed in a timely, effective, and accountable process. Duties include creating and maintaining the budget, providing financial updates, and processing proposals.

kingsley man |

VP Marketing Responsible for effective marketing of the organization with duties such as advertising, branding, merchandise, and public relations.

Board of Directors

Though the method by which board members are chosen will differ, all 7 representatives will work together to ensure that the Executive Committee’s actions are in the best interest of the students. The BoD will act as the trustees of the Fund and have the responsibility of approving budgets the Executive Committee sets forth. As well, the BoD will produce annual Audit Reports for the organization and provide recommendations on strategic options. Furthermore, the BoD will provide a timely mechanism by which organization and student feedback can be properly addressed. Lastly, the BoD will supervise elections and appoint directors for the following year. It is important to note that a substantial amount of the work on tasks mentioned above will happen at the committee level which will act as an integral factor in the success of the organization. Respective VP’s will work to ensure progress is on track, coordinate efforts across committees, and provide necessary resources and information. Board of Directors [7 positions] will be comprised of:

  • Executive Committee President
  • Executive Committee VP Finance
  • 3 Appointed Directors:
    • no restriction on previous top-level AFSA experience
    • no restriction on previous top-level AFSA experience
    • 2 Elected Directors:
      • no restriction on previous top-level AFSA experience

The mix of appointed and elected individuals as well as the varying experience requirements are meant to ensure a broad range of perspectives are brought to the table. This will create an environment that ensures knowledge about successful aspects will carryforward while allowing for change to also transpire when needed. Also important to note is that all Directors will need to demonstrate the value they will be adding to the organization – regardless of whether or not they have previous top-level AFSA experience.