Derek Wang


Position you are running for: AFEF Board of Directors

How do you feel AFEF can benefit from you on the BoD?

I believe AFEF will benefit from my presence on the board as I have a wide diversity of experience throughout the past three years. I was a part of the Marketing and Internal Events Committees in AFSA in my first year, a VP Finance for AFSA in my second year and I am now the Chair of the Board of Directors for AFSA. Additionally, I am currently a Co-chair for AFOW. I already have experience on AFEF as the Chair of AFSA's BoD, I was responsible in participating in AFEF pitch meetings to provide my view and opinions on pitches from a third-party perspective and I hope to continue supporting AFEF as part of the AFEF board for the upcoming year. I will be able to leverage my experience and knowledge from all the different positions I have held in the past three years and provide insight for AFEF to improve current initiatives and ensure proper funding is allocated to each club more accurately.

What current or future initiatives would you prioritize AFEF funding for?

Currently, I believe the majority of SAF students are focused on public accounting and see success as securing a co-op position at a public accounting firm. However, this is a common misconception as every other co-op position in both finance and accounting leads to success as well. I believe awareness of successful paths other than just working at a public accounting firm should be raised. As a result, I will prioritize any initiatives that educate the student body more about different career paths that will show students how to tailor their goals to achieve their own personal success. Additionally, I will prioritize funding for initiatives that teach students more of potential finance career paths as SAF graduates are always a diverse set of students, but currently, not everyone is aware of the potential opportunities in finance.

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From being a part of AFSA in many different areas, I will be able to identify potential synergies between AFSA and AFEF to help raise awareness of AFEF pitch applications, or receive more feedback from the student body to AFEF. I will strive to ensure AFSA and AFEF work closer together in order to take full advantage of further co-operation.