AFSA Goes for Gold


For the third year running, we bring SAF Students the AFSA Goes for Gold Conference Subsidy Program!


Please complete our online application here.

For a list of conferences, please see below.


Application Period

From Thursday January 18 to Friday January 26, 2018 at 11:59 PM



Students apply to the AFSA Goes 4 Gold Program, and successful candidates will be matched as best as possible with their conference preference as noted in their application. Students apply on an individual basis.

Coordination of teams will be based on the preferences of successful applicants and determined by AFSA Goes for Gold program organizers. Once teams have been formed, practices may be set up in order to provide delegates with information about the conference and tips on how to perform well in a case competition

AFSA will subsidize 80% of students’ costs, provided they have not refunded the AFSA fee. The exact cost per student is pending travel arrangements, confirmation of delegate fees by external conference organizers, and the finalization of the AFSA and AFEF's 2017-2018 budget. Expected final costs are currently posted in our AFSA Goes for Gold Conference Bank, but are subject to change and will be finalized by November 2017. The application is simple…

  • Be an SAF student!
  • Be willing to compete in a few unique competencies!
  • Demonstrate the willingness to learn from the experience!
  • Demonstrate the ability to represent your school the right way!
  • Demonstrate the willingness to devote preparation time with your team!

All inquiries about the AFSA Goes for Gold conference program should be directed Jason Li via email, at



University Conference Name Delegate Requirements Deadline (Early Bird) Cost/Delegate Conference Date
Brock BUAC (Accounting) none Oct 13th $275 Nov 17-19
Queens QFAC (Finance) Application through Queens Sept 29th TBA Nov 2-5
Queens QCIB (Business) Application through Queens TBA TBA January
Ryerson Achieve (Accounting) 3rd year or higher (one 2nd year) Jan 5th (Oct 1) $175 ($150) Feb 1-2
UOIT Connect (Accounting) none TBA $135 March
UTSC Live (Business) none Oct 1 $210 Nov 9-11
UTSC Strive (Accounting) none Sept 11 $35 Sept 23
UTM Think Like a Pro (Consulting) none TBA $45 Feb 10
Western Dash for the Cash (Accounting) none TBA $75 TBA
ANY Capitalize 4 Kids Investment Challenge none Sept 30 $100 for charity (optional) Oct Dec
The following Conferences are not AFSA Goes For Gold, but can be partially subsidized. Email Jason Li at if interested
Ryerson Battle on the Bay (Finance) none Dec 10 (Oct 5) $170 Jan 13
Ryerson Ted Rogers Management Conderence (Management) 19+ TBA TBA TBA
Windsor (Accounting) none TBA TBA TBA
Winnipeg BASC (Accounting) none End of Jan TBA Mid March
York CORE (CSR) 2 round case screen and present TBA TBA TBA