As the official student voice in the School of Accounting & Finance, we're here for you...

The Accounting & Finance Student Association (AFSA) is a student run organization representing nearly 2000 students studying Accounting & Financial Management, Biotechnology/CPA, Mathematics/CPA and Computing & Financial Management. Our goal is to create a strong community within our program and provide students with all the necessary resources to succeed. Through events, merchandise sales, professional development sessions along with many other initiatives, we work to support every student in all facets of their university experience. We will always continue to provide an environment in which all accounting and finance students feel included and a part of our family where they can continue to develop personally and professionally.

AFSA Mission

To provide all SAF students with a voice ensuring that they have access to all available resources in order to enrich their learning experience and a part of an ever-growing student community.


AFSA Values - innovation - open communication - accountability - united and inclusive community - awareness & responsiveness - opportunity & development